Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Only a rant...

5:23 PM:

Right this minute I’m sitting at my desk with my cock getting warmer and warmer against my leg.

I squeeze it occasionally through my jeans as to tease myself further.

NO WANKING! I fucked up yesterday and did it ~ my resolve faded after my first a~Pod adventure. But back on the horse I got.

Fuck this is getting unbearable. I keep stopping to squeeze between sentences.

I don’t know why but when my cock gets hotter my hands do too ~ sometimes to the point where they feel like they are burning. Now they’re just toasty!

GG is coming back from work soon but we won’t get a chance to fuck until later because she has to go out again quickly…

…So ordinarily ~ this would be time I’d sit back and unzip. Fuck this is too much…

I’d strip off and recline into my chair and take the weight of my heavy cock in my right hand and then just stroke my soft skin, maybe my balls too.

~I love having my balls stroked ~ even when it’s not leading on to something ~ it just makes me feel exposed, reassured even~

Then I’d spit on the end of my cock (I’m not circumcised) and start wanking myself slowly, savouring the wetness and loving each movement.

The thing about men wanking though is I’ve never really seen it as a graceful thing. I mean, to watch a woman get herself off I find really seXy, and women can do it with such elegance because it’s all in the wrist and fingers, whereas for me (and maybe guys in general) it’s harder to get there slowly ~ which usually involves going at it like an overly passionate orchestra conductor in the last few minutes. Who knows ~ maybe some of you out there like to see some speed! Maybe it’s Maaaaaannnnnly!!!



Well, since writing the above, I’ve greeted my love as she returned from work, cooked a fab stir-fry with chicken, pak/bok choi, ginger, spring onions, garlic, rice noodles, and broccoli (yum), watched tv for a bit, and now find myself still being menaced by my sex and feeling ravenously horny!

Can’t go and hassle GG for sex as she is busy, feeling a bit under the weather, and talking to her mum on the phone.

This is fucking bullshit! Why am I doing this “not wanking” thing to myself? I can’t even get off on that glorified butt-plug I bought for the price of four hand jobs down town. Not that I have ever paid for it mind!

*R~H~B~H whistles for the dog…HERE BOY!*
*R~H~B~H realises he doesn’t own a dog!*
Aaaaaarrrgggghhhhh neeeeeeeeed toooooo cuuuummmm!!!!

Not quite the intellectually stimulating voyage of discovery I was hoping for.

Never mind. At least you’re not paying to read this!



Anonymous GG wrote...

You told everyone I was on the phone to my mum??? Cn't believe I'm being guilted into fucking you tonight...chances are, you'd have some honey anyway... ; )

3:44 pm  

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