Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh yeah...about my blog...

Working from home all day long can be such a drag…

So I turn my mind to a personal experiment of writing about the rights and wrongs of my whorish thoughts and experiences.

This instead of wanking.

After all, I’m an educated guy doing a PhD in something-about-culture-or-other. I’m not saying I’ve got smarts. I’m not saying this will be the erotic blog of the year – but my challenge is to reflect and write about my sexuality instead of tugging at it.

My poor poor girlfriend…I’ve told her of course (she’s lovely) about my quest to only physically engage my body in sexual activity with her (or whoever else is there with us at the time) in order to see whether the pen (or keyboard) is mightier than the cock/hand/Hoover. She looked like a rabbit in the headlights when I told her. Masturbation is like bromide. “God help me” she said (smiling).

I want to know if channelling my sexuality in this way will affect me in some way. I’m not a particularly gifted writer, but like lots of you out there, I find myself beautifully scorched by my sensuality and so wish to explore it differently.

It’s about guiding my sex in a different direction – I’m tempted to say in a more mature way – visually, aurally, textually. I’ve masturbated pretty much every day since I was eleven. I’m now thirty-one. I’m sick of the pull of commercial, soulless porn.

Time to make my own…


Blogger Viviane wrote...

I found you via Madeline. Welcome to the blogoshere, you'll find us sexbloggers
*very* welcoming. And you're not alone about your distaste for commercial porn - go visit the Virgin Slut, who ignited a discussion about that very thing:

5:37 am  
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