Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well it has been five days now since the a~Pod charmed its way into my life. It’s an education for sure, and whilst I’m yet to experience to the full its orgasmic promise I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying the experience.

Ass-play was more or less an alien thing for me until recently. Sure I’ve experimented in the past to no avail, but never with such sphinctorial commitment.

I’ve got to take my hat off to the people at Aneros for a) not issuing me with a court summons for my a~Pod spoof (Apple Inc might be a different story!) and b) for not only designing the Aneros in the first place but also providing such a popular forum for people to discuss their experiences and offer support to others.

It’s a marvellous thing that guys can talk so openly about ass-play given the taboo that surrounds it. Maybe this is not such a new thing in the gay community (I don’t know) but for me, as a woman-loving (slightly bi curious) Red~Head~Bed~Head it is new and encouraging to see such a positive attitude that is helping guys embrace the ass. One gentleman in particular that I would (again) take my hat off to (if it hadn’t been blown away in yesterdays tornado) would be the active gentleman contributor on the forum “Bonaparte” (great name). What an admirable attitude he has for unashamed altruistic reflexivity and encouragement.

It is precisely that kind of attitude that helps bring ass-talk all out into the open – and for guys this is not only important for the fun stuff but also for the serious stuff like prostate cancer. The more that is done to lift the taboo on talking about the ass the quicker people will be to react to any health scares. In the UK this has been reported as a real issue recently in that a significant number of people (which in my opinion begins at just One) are dying unnecessarily of prostate (and also testicular cancer) due to not being able to talk about it, or are unaware of it. I for one had a testicular cancer scare a few months ago – fortunately for me I was given the all clear immediately – but even with my open attitude towards things there was still genuine anxiety, tears shed, and the total horror at the thought of someone handling my delicates - before I could even make the call to my Doctor.

Sorry to put a downer on things there folks!

Anyway – time to lift things back up into Happyville!!!

In an apparent lemming-like stupidity to act like a lawsuit magnet for Apple Inc and Aneros I can unveil my latest iPod a~Pod spoof. I was going to post this next week but given the above I think a laughter injection is needed! I hope you like it…more to follow…


Blogger Wendy the Cavewyfe wrote...

I love sphinctorial commitment.

Three cheers for addressing the more serious stuff. When I was single, I was always asking the boyfriends if they wanted their balls checked for lumps or if they even knew how to check themselves. For all the playing that goes on down there, many don't know their own territory.

Your graphics are beauty-full. And phunny, of course.

My recent ass revelation is this: it's the one southern sexual part that both men and woman have in common, though there's the prostate variation, cousin to the g-spot. Which makes ass intriguingly bi-sexual/asexual/all-sexual. There's something for everyone in ass.


5:34 am  
Blogger RedHeadBedHead wrote...

Yeah Baby Yeah! That last paragraph should be delivered on a podium!


5:59 am  
Blogger figleaf wrote...

Hi RHBH, I think I wouldn't have relaxed about ass play if I hadn't "bit the bullet" maybe ten years ago and made myself get a really complete physical exam prior to leaving a well paying (and thus, here in the States, well insured job.) I was right around 40 but as my grandfather had survived colon cancer my doctor suggested getting checked. Groan, says I, but it had been my idea.

The proctologist my doctor sent me to spent maybe 15 minutes explaining that I was young, healthy, and that the genetic component was slight. Then he said, "but as long as you're here let's take a look." And about a minute later he said "forget what I just said, I've found some polyps." He reassured me they were perfectly benign but that over time (several decades) they can develop into cancer. If my grandfather had had his found and removed at 40 he almost certainly would have avoided colon cancer at age 65. So one colonoscopy later I was polyp free. I've got to get another one every five years and I suppose I'm due for another fairly soon. They're not comfortable but they're not -- at all -- the heterosexual male's nightmare I'd imagined. (Sorry, Laura Tooth who I think would be disappointed.)

I suppose I'll have to go find an a-pod now and try it. Trying it I don't mind, it's the book report I'd have to write after. :-)

9:53 am  
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