Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fuck! You’re home from work early…

Key’s in the door and I’m about to cum. I’m looking at the photos I’ve taken of you on my computer to aid me.

I love it when you dress like a 1950s slut.

You slut.

You call out my name but I’m almost there and the excitement of being caught almost takes me over - but just as I am about to release you see me. Photos of you and some random blonde’s cunt that I captured from the web.

You look shocked. “You dirty fuck!” you say quietly, coldly, wickedly. And I feel humiliated but my cock is still really hard – aching. I carry on gripping.

And then, to my surprise, you walk over to me and sit up on the desk, hitching your skirt up and revealing your knickerless cream-brown hold-ups and your sweet sweet pussy.

My hands traverse that place you know I adore – where the smooth netted nylon of your hold-ups meet the warm silky-skin promise of your upper thigh.

Then you grab my cock hard – really hard and wank it fast – faster as it grows harder in your hand, and my balls tighten as I quickly (and shamefully) release a warm ribbon of cum over the thick border of your hold ups and your thigh…

And you just hold me there until my orgasm is complete, my breathlessness passes, and my cock slowly becomes flaccid.

“You dirty fuck”, you whisper…”you dirty fuck”…


Blogger W. S. Cross wrote...

Very steamy. Very nicely done. The mix of humiliation, domination and tease is just right.

4:12 pm  

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