Monday, July 25, 2005

Friday Night ~ After the Text…

You were not long in from work ~ dressed in that chocolate-brown wrap dress, those flirty “fuck me shoes”, and those light brown hold-ups that I love…

When you dress like this it ignites a deep visual eroticism in me and I yearn to engage you in an impossible mix of cinematic touch-and-vision. All at once I ache for the role of voyeur and lover ~ to be in a multitude of spaces ~ watching you through a lens ~ watching you through the tease of a door slightly ajar ~ watching you through the eyes of another ~ but my warm soft hands upon you ~ my cheek brushing gently against your thigh ~ touching you like my hands have eyes ~ touching you with complete agenda…

We kiss standing up in the living room and then I gently turn you with your back towards me, slowly brushing my hands symmetrically across your form ~ from your hips up your torso, to your breasts, under your arms, up your back and into your soft hair ~ then back down your arms where I grab your wrists together more forcefully and then cuff you gently in red leather.

I pull out a chair and place it in the middle of the room and make you sit in front of the mirror - your legs apart. I begin to photograph you – your dress, your legs, your feet.

Then I walk up behind you and demand you look at yourself as I untie your wrap dress and release your breasts. I run my hands over your body – over your tits, down your arms and then more forcibly onto your cunt and you gasp as my fingers meet your sex.

Now I’m holding you gently by your throat and telling you that you are my dirty little whore…

“What are you?” I demand in solid whisper.

“Your dirty little whore.”

Now you are blindfolded, sitting in the chair.

Now my mouth works greedily at your clit as I sit between your legs and nuzzle my face against you.

Now the smell of you makes me hard.

Now I'm hardened further by the gentle echoes of your pleasure.

Now I’m on my feet to kiss you so you can taste yourself on me.

Now you are licking my lips with a hunger as I pull away.

And then I untie you and tell you I’m leaving the room…

“I won’t be back until you cum for me” I say.

So I leave the room and wait, listening to your sweet tones through the doorway. And then, minutes later, I slowly creep back into the room so you are unaware of my presence ~ and I watch you perform for me like the complete unassuming whore that I’ve made you.

But I can tell that there, for you ~ alone in the darkness ~ you can’t find your release…

So I dip my fingers in mint scented gel and creep up behind you, and then slowly lower my fingers onto your nipples in unison, whilst the shock of my touch and the cool, sweet slickness of my fingers encompasses your sex with a deep jolt as you shudder, pathetically try to bite your bottom lip, and then freefall uncontrollably into a deep liquid pink orgasm ~ ~ ~

And now I’m holding you reassuringly in the chair ~ your hands free of red leather ~ your breathing slows ~ your body cooling ~ my palms moving electricity along your arms to the nape of your neck…

~ And I smile as you chuckle with contentment ~


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