Friday, July 22, 2005

Day One

I haven’t wanked for nearly 24 hours.

Like I said earlier on in the blog, I’ve usually wanked every day for the last twenty years, often more than once a day – that means I’ve masturbated (and I’m tempted to list all of the names I can think of that describe this act of other/self-appreciation) around 7300 times! I’m not sure if that scares or impresses me, if it has been an addiction or simply habit. I think habit because it’s like brushing your teeth or something – you just do it for the good of yourself and those around you.

Not brushing your teeth has its obvious personal hygiene and social problems. Not wanking (in my own experience) turns you into a blithering mess of a deranged pervert. Thus it also carries with it personal and social implications. Lock up your daughters, their mothers…and maybe their pets too…

It’s all about avoiding (what is known in the UK legal system as) ASBOs (Anti-Social Behaviour Orders).

I used to have this theory just as all of that bullshit (?) about pheromone sprays were floating about (perfume or aftershave to appeal to the inner-whore of fellow human beings). I thought, “what if not wanking somehow does something to your bodies chemistry that women can pick up on”.

I put it to the test when I went on holiday to Greece at the predatory age of 19. To be fair I didn’t have much of a choice – I was sharing a tent with someone so didn’t have much time to myself. By that point I’d not had sex with anyone for about two years so wasn’t exactly feeling like Ron Jeremy (bless his cotton socks).

So anyway, sure enough at the end of the second week I was at tequila night at the campsite – got terribly drunk and ended up slowly fucking some Swiss girl in one of those white-plastic garden chairs. I might write about this experience later on as it is an experience that my partner gets aroused by. Or maybe I’ll get her to write about it 80)

Three days after this it was the turn of a rather grateful Canadian woman down on the beach.

No sex in two years. Two weeks without wanking. Two chicks in almost as many days. The theory was coming together.

Somewhere down the line though I forgot about it – probably aided by the fact that not long after returning from holiday I ended up in a slightly shorter than long-term relationship (about 18 months).

So I think that the longest I’ve ever been without masturbating has been about two weeks. Since then it has probably been about five to seven days.

When you haven’t done it for a while though it is amazing. Every stroke feels intense - and the orgasm more so. And at those times it makes one think, “Shit, I’ve been missing out – is it quantity or quality?” Until now, quantity seems to have been the victor.

So bear with me in this slutty blog I’m writing. It’s not just a running commentary about wanking (or not) but also about how kerbing it affects the deeper side of my sexuality/sensuality or (in an attempt to coin a word): My Slutosphere (odd…why wasn’t that in the MS Word spell checker?)


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