Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Adventures on Planet Aneros: Episode III

Okay – maybe in all of my pent up frustration I was a little too hard on the a~Pod last night. I kind of felt like starting a new trend in podcasting ~ a~Pod casting ~ out of the window and into the bushes. God knows they could do with some fertilizer.

So I sat down today, rolled up my sleeves, and read the online Aneros forum. That’s right! They actually have a forum and it is completely cool! Oh the joys of the web in bringing like-minded sphincter contracting practitioners together! I wander if there is a rampant rabbit forum out there somewhere?

Anyhoo, I read a few comments from people who have had some experience with it and took some of it into consideration…

I get it lubed up and then followed the advice - slip it in and “do nothing”. Apparently some guy went to sleep with it ~ admirable. I toss and turn too much in my sleep to find that an option. But his advice was stimulating and encouraging. I just fear for his safety.

So I lay there for about an hour reading some erotic literature and then thought to myself ~ “nothing is happening here” ~ so I went to pull it out and it felt fucking great ~ warm and tight and ohhhh yeahhhh baby!!! So I had no option to let it back in ~ and I swear to god the fucking thing tried to steal my soul ~ it just suddenly sucked it’s way back in to me – so I started the contractions again and boy oh boy was it nice

But alas no “Super O” as they call it.

But hell, it was a start!

So I carried on ~ doing the contractions like they say, but stopping every now and then to fuck my own ass using the handle (which they say not to do) ~ but hell ~ I was enjoying myself and for some reason began to imagine my girl fucking me with a strap on ~ which was pretty fucking hot actually ~ and maybe something I’ll do a story about soon when the more erotic and creative juices are flowing.

I’m not sure though. I’ve never had an orgasm like the a~Pod seeks to deliver so I’m not entirely sure what to expect. Given the write-ups in the forum I’m sure that it is a matter of time. There are some very happy chappies voicing their praise!

So I guess I came slightly (people on the forum call it a “mini-o”) which was very nice indeed ~ but didn’t quite make it to Damascus. Why Damascus I’m not quite sure.

If anyone out there is reading this and has tried it themselves…is it usual to get that feeling like you are about to shit when you are getting close?

Let’s be frank people ~ it’s not like there is a particularly sensual way to talk about the logistics of this is there? If there is, then please...inspire me...

So my faith in the a~Pod is restored ~ I just need to think twice about what I’m eating from now on…


Anonymous Olivier wrote...

Woua, That is a VERY good job, an Aneros Blog. I will add your adress on my own blog right now !

9:54 am  
Blogger Wendy the Cavewyfe wrote...

Yes, that going to shit feeling is normal and to be dismissed. All things must pass. lol. Just keep your eye on the prize, toss any inhibitions or hesitations aside and you shall be rewarded with the big A.

3:50 am  
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