Thursday, December 01, 2005

Still Alive...

A couple of sweethearts have emailed me to ask why I've not been posting...

Just uninspired at the moment unfortunately...

I'm genuinely very touched by the concern though.

I seem to have lost the ability to write as life is a bit of a drain at the moment.

But hopefully I'll be back to it soon...I kind of miss it in a way.

So don't be un-bookmarking me (yet)!



Thursday, September 22, 2005


Simply from your touch...

My very substance ~ still congealed and congested by the day,

Surrenders itself into a scorching fizz,

Each bursting bubble bringing with it the feeling of entering you...




And my veins stream like hot rain over a speeding car,

Until I feel veiled by your sweet ether,

Breathless from your sweet ether,

Liberated by your sweet ether.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Sleepy Sex...

Last night I kissed GG goodnight and went to bed feeling shattered.

I was in a deep sleep when she eventually came to bed and I felt her slowly slide up next to me ~ and I stirred under that thick heady soup of sleep as I felt her gently stroking my back with her finger tips ~ that blissful liquid~tingling energy lulling me back into consciousness.

I opened my eyes slowly ~ the room was barely lit by the pale light that trickled between the curtains. She was a soft, warm silhouette, her breasts gently pushed against my chest, I could feel her cheek against my head.

I leant out to kiss her and the small gentle kiss that I was expecting got slowly deeper as she tucked her arm under my neck, propped herself up, and ran her warm hands across my chest as we kissed.

We kissed for a couple of minutes and then she slowly ran her hand down to my tummy, that wonderfully reassuring sensitive spot between the navel and the pubic bone where she began to make those patient little circles with her fingers.

I was still feeling very tired and the words “I don’t feel horny” were just trying to tempt their way past my lips when she excruciatingly slowly began to stroke my balls ~ a feeling that for me is so very very sublime and comforting and erotic and loving. I let out a sweet sweet sigh as my whole body began to feel like it was melding into the bed, giving myself willingly to the occasion.

She does this sometimes before we go to sleep. It is one of the nicest sensual feelings I’ve ever known and I can only describe it as making me feel like there is a gentle liquid~silk slipstream running throughout my body…it is a truly wonderful feeling…

Then I feel her tongue on my nipple and I know that she wants me ~ because no matter how sated or un~sexy I am feeling, she knows full well that by slowly licking my pierced nipple, my cock will become hard without fail. And sure enough, it slowly began to grow as she teased my nipple with her tongue and slowly stroked my balls…

…Fuck…I quite simply had to stop writing there and bring myself off…

She began to move to change position

~~Oh god, please ride me~~ I was thinking to myself

~~I love it when she rides me~~

~~When she fucks me~~

~~When she steadies herself against my chest and just grinds herself on me with that hard circular motion~~

She got on top of me and took hold of my cock, and in one swift action she slid right down onto me. Oh god she was soaking wet.

She leant forward and tucked her right arm under my neck and began to ride me slowly, her tits pushed up against me, my warm hands on her hips, kissing me, stroking my face with her free hand, making me feel like I was being taken completely…


We wrapped our arms around each other to feel as much of each other as possible as she fucked me. “Hug~Fucking” is incredible ~ she always waxes lyrical about my “magical hands” and I love those times when all I need to do is just squeeze her that little bit harder to take her over the edge.

I put my hands on her hips, squeezing firmly, as I gently helped her come down harder onto my cock as I brought my own hip up to meet her. I knew she liked that ~ that extra bit of depth ~ that slightly more solid grind…

And so she positioned herself up on top of me ~

~Steadying herself on my chest~

~~Oh god, please ride me~~

~~I love it when she rides me~~

~~When she fucks me~~

~~And she fucked me~~

~~Grinding herself down onto me with that swift circular motion~~

~~Getting harder~~


I was completely taken by the wonderful vision of this gorgeous woman, her body silhouetted by the window behind, her tits swinging in front of me, her hand on my chest, the sound of her pending bliss, the contrast of her hard grind against my pubic bone but the solid, soft warm gyrations of her cunt on me.

~~And then she shuddered~~

~~And she went diving in to an intense, loud, beautiful orgasm as she pushed down onto my chest and came hard on me, my cock burning from her heat, my hands on her tits, teasing her nipples to draw it out longer, deeper, as I used my entire willpower not to come knowing she would want more ~~

And as her orgasm slowly subsided she veiled me once more with her body and I held her close for a while.

After a few minutes she spoke for the first time…

“Would you fuck me from behind now please?”

She lifted herself off me and positioned herself in the middle of the bed with the top half of her body down on the mattress, her arse lifted up in the air for me whilst I positioned myself behind her.

I offered my cock up to her pussy and heard her whisper “do it”.

I pushed myself deep inside her and began to fuck her slowly, really slowly, long patient strokes that took me as deep as I could go, and then out so that the tip of my cock was just barely inside her whilst I steadied myself with my hands on her hips.

I continued like this for ages until she started to fuck herself onto me, wanting me to increase the pace ~ when I told her to get up on all fours and I pushed myself in hard and deep, leaving my cock there whilst I reached around her with my right hand and teased her nipples with my fingers which made her let out a sweet groan and desperately try to fuck herself onto my cock harder. But I remained steady for a few seconds and then gave in to her.

I gathered her hair up into a pony tail, her neck arched back, vulnerable, and began to fuck her harder, faster, continuing to hold her hair with one hand whilst I held her throat gently with the other.

When I fuck her like this it makes her so ecstatic that I find it hard to tell if she is having one orgasm, several orgasms, or that she is not cumming at all but is just totally lost in the moment.

When I fuck her like this I know she feels completely owned – that her inner-whore would do anything I wanted. I know she likes to be treated rough when I fuck her so.

I take my hand from her throat and then


I (gently) slap her across the face from behind. She shudders.



Now she is totally given over to it. I grab her by the throat once more and pull her a bit harder towards me so her back is well arched and I can carefully put all of our weight onto my knees and reach around with my other hand and tease her nipples…

And she is whimpering “fuck me’s” like some whorish mantra and falls forward onto the bed, her face buried in the pillow.

I take one hand and place it just below the middle of her shoulders, place my other hand on the small of her back so I can push down on her ~ make her feel pinned, forced into the bed, overwhelmed, owned and made to, as fuck her as hard and as fast as I can ~ my cock belting in and out of her sweet wanton cunt as she becomes almost delirious with it.

~~God I love taking you like this~~

I feel myself on the verge of cumming. It’s too soon. I slow the pace down and fuck her slower, pausing every now and then to compose myself.

I love to fuck you like this GG. To bring myself right to the edge and then fight the temptation to cum inside you by just burying myself deep inside you, not moving, holding your hips hard so you can’t resume fucking yourself onto my cock in that whorish frenzy you end up being taken by when I fuck you so.

After about five minutes of this intensely agonising body-head-fuck of not cumming we are both ready. She’s still wriggling around on my cock like a complete slut as I fuck her slowly, but then I up the pace, reaching deep into my energy reserves and almost shock her as I suddenly fuck myself into her as fast and hard as I can, my cock aching to cum as if my entirety has doubled back on itself and my orgasm is finally released deep inside her as I cum loudly, bringing my hand down hard onto her arse with the release, my cock still jolting inside her and the room is filled with our heavy moans and breathing.

She slowly collapses forward onto the bed and I follow, my cock still hard inside her ~ and I lie on top of her at a slight angle as I stroke her hair and the nape of her neck sending sweet tingles through her body…

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Bi~Side...

One of the things I’ve noticed about myself since having experimented more with ass play recently is how it has gradually made me more curious about being fucked by a guy.

I’ve always been very mildly bi-curious. When I was about 23 a guy went down on me after a party but it did nothing for me ~ but he wasn’t experienced with men or women so maybe that had something to do with it.

So since then nothing has happened.

I think that my relationship with GG has also made me more inquisitive about it. We both get turned on by the idea of her being with another woman, or me with another guy ~ and because we fantasize about it, and because we talk so openly and unashamedly about it (because there IS nothing to be ashamed about - and we accept and don’t feel threatened by this side of each other) ~ it kind of makes it more of an exciting possibility.

I think I’ve learned more about myself reflecting on what turns me on about being with a guy. This might sound odd but in some ways it is about connecting with my feminine side a bit more. It sounds like a real “new man” cliché brag nowadays but I’ve always been in touch with my feminine side and have always found femininity a strong influence in my life ~ not just in terms of sex but ~ shit I can’t put it into words as eloquently as I’d like to…just that alluring potency ~ its visual and emotional and chemical and I think that being in touch with that aspect of my sexuality has made me a better person and perhaps more of a considerate lover.

Whilst this might sound like I am bordering on becoming a transsexual or something (and I can assure you I am not!), it is like I’m jealous in a way of not being able to “be” a woman at times. That my own masculinity and sense of self has been constructed during my life and also in myself in a way that cannot transcend parts of my own gendered identity. Perhaps this dichotomy is the root of desire? Perhaps not!

I have adored many aspects of the women I have known as friends or as lovers, or even as strangers, and whom I have admired ~ and again, not just in sexual terms but (I guess) in gendered terms too. I guess this is part of my own male gaze, but obviously not just in visual terms.

I can only describe it as if it is like my hands have eyes, my eyes have hands, and like I just want to gently slip into femininity for a while to see what I learn from exploring it in a different way.

I think this is reflected when I fantasize about being with a guy. As a man (obviously) my sexual experiences have been penetrative. I’m not, of course, undermining the emotional and sensual side here either ~ I’m just talking about the base act of fucking.

So I think it is the idea of actually being fucked, of making my body available to another man to be penetrated that I am finding increasingly erotic.

Yet I find myself also fantasizing about being fucked by a woman too ~ with a strap on. I find well taken images of women wearing strap-ons deeply erotic ~ not like that pornographic~need~to~wank~erotica, but that core warm soothing eroticism that is more patient, more voyeuristic and with the most innocent appreciative non-agenda (thanks, by the way, Dacia!).

Friday, August 05, 2005


I’ve had more thrills making up these spoof Apple/Aneros adverts than from sticking the fucking thing up my butt! It’s just not right my horny friends – it’s just not right.

I put too much stock in the Aneros and it has now made a complete Nixon-esque mockery of my mission.

I thought to myself “R~H~B~H – if you get this Aneros thing to work then you won’t need to wank no more/as much… Mo Wanking.” Isn’t that like a Spike Lee film/joint?

So Anyhoo, I’ve slipped like a non-repentant monk into a pool of ale and calligraphy, and back into the habits of “waxing the bishop” (one of the many names we have for it here in the UK).

To be fair though, I’ve not really had much of a go over the last week. I will persist! But the thing is – I’m like any other red-blooded male. After like 24 hours of no orgasm my mind starts to slump a bit. When it comes to 48 hours I’m just a heap of ginger melancholy. No good to man, woman, nor beast. It kind of scares me that after 48 hours I become a bit depressed if I haven’t jizzed. It doesn’t paint a good picture. Maybe I should try paint instead?

If the Aneros had done what it said on the tin then it wouldn’t be a problem – but its hard to function on a daily basis with that warm heavy delight between your legs that never ceases to remind you that it requires constant petting.

I’m a randy bastard really. I don’t know what I was thinking. I couldn’t even write about it as well as I would have liked because I was starting to find that even the keyboard was becoming a sensual vessel of fingertip titillation. At least I know how St. Augustine felt like now before he uttered those profound words, "Well smack my ass and call me a bitch!"

Sorry, I’m feeling remarkably uninspired at the moment and am beginning to see why those statistics make sense – that 54% of blogs stop being updated after three months from starting.

But hey! I’ve got a new iPod/aPod spoof!


Friday, July 29, 2005

Sized Up

I swear to God that whilst the a~Pod/Aneros thing hasn't fully taken me yet - it's making my cock bigger...

I wonder if I can sell my Penis Pump on eBay?


Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well it has been five days now since the a~Pod charmed its way into my life. It’s an education for sure, and whilst I’m yet to experience to the full its orgasmic promise I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying the experience.

Ass-play was more or less an alien thing for me until recently. Sure I’ve experimented in the past to no avail, but never with such sphinctorial commitment.

I’ve got to take my hat off to the people at Aneros for a) not issuing me with a court summons for my a~Pod spoof (Apple Inc might be a different story!) and b) for not only designing the Aneros in the first place but also providing such a popular forum for people to discuss their experiences and offer support to others.

It’s a marvellous thing that guys can talk so openly about ass-play given the taboo that surrounds it. Maybe this is not such a new thing in the gay community (I don’t know) but for me, as a woman-loving (slightly bi curious) Red~Head~Bed~Head it is new and encouraging to see such a positive attitude that is helping guys embrace the ass. One gentleman in particular that I would (again) take my hat off to (if it hadn’t been blown away in yesterdays tornado) would be the active gentleman contributor on the forum “Bonaparte” (great name). What an admirable attitude he has for unashamed altruistic reflexivity and encouragement.

It is precisely that kind of attitude that helps bring ass-talk all out into the open – and for guys this is not only important for the fun stuff but also for the serious stuff like prostate cancer. The more that is done to lift the taboo on talking about the ass the quicker people will be to react to any health scares. In the UK this has been reported as a real issue recently in that a significant number of people (which in my opinion begins at just One) are dying unnecessarily of prostate (and also testicular cancer) due to not being able to talk about it, or are unaware of it. I for one had a testicular cancer scare a few months ago – fortunately for me I was given the all clear immediately – but even with my open attitude towards things there was still genuine anxiety, tears shed, and the total horror at the thought of someone handling my delicates - before I could even make the call to my Doctor.

Sorry to put a downer on things there folks!

Anyway – time to lift things back up into Happyville!!!

In an apparent lemming-like stupidity to act like a lawsuit magnet for Apple Inc and Aneros I can unveil my latest iPod a~Pod spoof. I was going to post this next week but given the above I think a laughter injection is needed! I hope you like it…more to follow…